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2 years ago

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hi im 18 years old told me to look on this page and read the stories, popular music in the writing and some children are really cool and I like to write about my weekend at home, in most cases has gone to the collage of the week worrying I do not get home, but the weekend to come before I go home last has not been home soil, while I was here was for pots in the kitchen when I saw our gardener in the garden was a beautiful day, I went and asked him whether he would like a have a cold drink from him is really just an old man looked at all ABIT belly looks like a good old git charged but stolenvideos something made me feel abit hot on the idea of playing that made ​​me feel like I miss in any case, given the cold drink while I sat with him at the table chatting, but I realized that I had up and down that made me even hotter, making fun of him alittle I sat with her legs spread ABIT decided enought for him to see myTanga i watched as I licked my stolenvideos lips and said how hot it is today, and I hope today is not heating or clothing I removed my clothes when I got up, had assured me that my keys were open at the top, and so did another drink, I could see until my blouse, which looks very good, then I loved Océ abit stolenvideos cold water fell on my blouse ting compensation is not enough , but enough so that he could see how hard her nipples couldt my eyes at me I knew that I stolenvideos wanted, so I got up and walked to the sink to make it look, stolenvideos he left and started his hand on mine legs to run and then grabbed my tits and started playing with my nipples, and I said oh what you think then yessssssss open her blouse and stolenvideos turned to him, as he waved his tongue over my nipples ooooooooooo God loved me DIDT say anything, just pushed me stolenvideos into the kitchen, bar and took my dog as he pulled hard on my nipples iwscreaming hard as shit to me, what he did, calling me a dirty bitch either mean I have to ask her and she asked if a drink, he filled my pussy wet hot s wanted, he moaned, I felt pushed a big sigh, as he pulled his cock on my knees, like a real bitch sucking and fucking him for most of us on this day a lot of work this weekend only to me, I like what I wanted, which was a dam good fuck at the weekend at home is now a pleasure DIDT

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